Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender Essential Oil.

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Lavender Essential Oil consists of pure lavender oil that gives a floral aroma which is soothing and can help in normalizing and balancing the body system. Lavender oil is used in baths, room sprays, toilet waters, perfumes, colognes, massage oils, sachets, salves, skin lotions and oils. It has a sweet, balsamic, floral aroma which combines well with many oils including citrus, clove, patchouli, rosemary, clary sage and pine. Aromatherapy benefits: balancing, soothing, normalizing, calming, relaxing, and healing.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

  • Reduces mental stress and anxiety
  • Boosts immmunity
  • Aids in treating insomnia
  • Treats eczema
  • Improves blood circulation
  • increases cognitive functions
  • Treats acne and hair loss
  • Effective bug repellent

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