Dr Vranjes Firenze (Bellini- 500ML)


As refreshing as an aperitif and as sparkling as the water of Venice under the sun, the Bellini fragrance presents a delightful interplay of bergamot, peach, white grape, lily of the valley, vetiver, and ginger.

This culminates in a vibrant and memorable olfactory journey.

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To ensure optimal fragrance diffusion, follow these guidelines when using a diffuser:

  • Place the diffuser in the middle of the room so that as people pass by, the air moves and spreads the scent.
  • For larger rooms, consider positioning two diffusers at opposite ends of the room you want to fragrance.
  • Avoid placing the diffuser on polished, varnished, or painted surfaces, near electrical equipment, or over heat sources.
  • For different room sizes, use the following bottle sizes for effective diffusion:
    • Rooms from 5 to 10 square meters: 1 or 2 250 ml bottles
    • Rooms from 10 to 20 square meters: 1 or 2 500 ml bottles
    • Rooms from 20 to 30 square meters: 1 or 2 1250 ml bottles
    • Rooms from 30 to 50 square meters: 1 or 2 2500 ml bottles
    • Large rooms over 50 square meters: 1 or 2 5000 ml bottles
  • A 100 ml diffuser can be a great gift idea or used as an accessory for wardrobes or small spaces.
  • Explore home fragrances to enhance your living space.

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100ML Room Spray, 1250ML, 2500ML, 2500ML Refill, 250ML, 500ML, 500ML Red Gift Box, 500ML Refill


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