Stay Fresh & Active with the Sports Spray

Stay Fresh & Active with The Sport Spray

Sometimes we love to spend time in the gym or outdoors working out. High level activities like jogging, running, swimming, cycling, where we exert a lot of energy and this then causes us to get sweaty and smelly and it goes on to become a little problem for us as you step out.

With the Laundress Sport Spray, you can smell nice and fresh during and after a workout and have a pleasant time while doing your exercises.

The Sport Spray is a non-toxic formula with antibacterial properties that adds scents while removing odor. It has a fresh, crisp blend of leafy greens, orange, rose, eucalyptus, and jasmine with undertones of musk.

The Sport Spray when sprayed is to freshen active wear and equipment between uses. It is perfect for gym bags, sneakers, yoga mats and other sport gears.

This is a must have for gym lovers who love to smell nice and clean even during a routine.

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