Duvet vs Comforter

We often wonder the difference between these two.
Well, here it is:


1. They are soft down or synthetic filled fibre comfort item.
2. They are used as inserts for your duvet cover which is required and often sold separately
3. Not washed as regularly as your bed linens since it is protected by a duvet cover
4. Easy for styling as you just need to change the duvet cover for a different look.
5. Tends to last a long time as it is not exposed or washed often


1. Comforters are covered in fabric for instant use
2. No duvet cover required
3. Often sold as part of a bed ensemble
4. Not as durable as duvets since they are exposed to direct use and several washes
5. Top sheet may be used
6. Style can’t be easily changed as the fabric is sewn into the fibre.

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