Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Really Better?

                                           Are Egyptian cotton sheets really better?

While thread count is a bit misunderstood, the buzz around Egyptian cotton is true. Egyptian cotton refers to cotton grown in Egypt where the climate conditions enable the cotton plants to grow extra-long fibers. This makes the cotton most suitable as it’s thin threads can produce high thread counts and final products are soft, has weight, smooth, with a more consistent finish compared to sheets made from other cotton. The fabric is porous, making it easy for air to go through. It is largely accepted as the king of cotton, as it lasts a very long time hence, ideal material for sheets.

However, these days Egyptian cotton has become the type of thread produced instead of where it is grown. So, it is important when buying Egyptian cotton sheet to look out for:


  • Check the package for the words ‘Certified Egyptian Cotton’ on the package or look out for a white cotton blossom on a black triangle tag labelled Egyptian Cotton

  • Where it’s woven
  • The thread counts


Why it’s better (Qualities):

  • Egyptian cotton sheets resists piling

Pilling is what happens when cotton fibers break and tangle, resulting in the tiny little balls or “pills” of fiber that appear to be stuck on your sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Better quality fabrics, with longer cotton fibers, will pill less than fabrics using shorter cotton fibers.


  • Easily absorbs vibrant color dyes so the colours are not likely to run so easily

Egyptian cotton fibers breathe by absorbing and releasing moisture quickly. This absorbent quality makes it an easy fabric to dye.






  • Egyptian cotton sheets are softer than sheets made from other fabrics

The finer yarn means that your cotton is gloriously soft to the touch, and it only gets more luxurious as the thread count increases. These sheets get softer over time.


  • They are durable and can lasts for decades when managed carefully and the quality of fiber can produce high thread count sheets

Under perfect conditions it has developed a longer fiber staple. With extra length comes greater durability and higher quality. Egyptian Cotton™ will last you a lifetime. The finer yarn means that your cotton is gloriously soft to the touch, and it only gets more luxurious as the thread count increases.










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